Poch excels in color, black & grey, pinup, and portraits.  However, realism is the art form that Poch genuinely loves and incorporates in all of his pieces.  His talent truly shines when he is allowed to tattoo without any constraints, transforming a basic idea into a realistic masterpiece.

Dedicating his life to his artwork, Poch has cemented his name in the industry as one of the frontrunners in realism as he constantly tests new approaches to advance his skills.

Poch's primary inspirations are his drive to make it in the tattoo industry and to create a name for himself. Many artists that have committed themselves to the industry and constantly push art to the next level gives Poch a sense of determination and inspiration that far exceeds the norm.

Tattooing is more than a profession for Poch; every image that he creates is an extension of him.  His devotion, permanently etched into the pieces he creates, resounds through every line.  With his skills, dedication, and focus Poch will continue to strive for more and accept nothing but the best while he leaves the world wondering what stroke of genius he will achieve next.